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Hey guys,
Finally turned one of my fanfics into a full-fledged story. It's now available on Amazon. Please check it out -

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Even if you don't buy it, if you've read the original fanfic version of it, please consider posting a review :-)

Ps.- The fanfic version also had the same name: Lyall- Story of the Dunibaar wolves.
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Every Goodbye is a new beginning

Supernatural': Heart Episode Ending — Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles |  TVLine
Fifteen years of watching this show and I can't believe it's over.... and what an ending !!!

I had seen Jensen's cheeky (Read: spoilery) tweet before the episode, so I was crying the moment the boy's entered the barn....
but it was a fitting end for a hero who never bent his knee- standing tall (well, pun not intended but very apt) until the end.

It wasn't an end I would have chosen for the Winchesters (well, I wouldn't have chosen for an 'end' at all); but it was fitting. ...  Loved that they used the cast photos as Sam's 'family photos' and that he got to live out his life...
And I have to confess that I'm very fond of Dean's red *heaven* flannel (well, Jensen can carry off a potato sack like designer wear, but he/Dean looked well *at peace* in his heaven)...

Fifteen years of writing stories and having a *family* that was not blood but meant just as much... I hope the show's ending does not mean the end of the SPNFamily. See you all around!

Ps- feel free to msg me- it may take me some time to write back, but I will respond.

Spn_J2 BigBang 2020: Freedom

“Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.”
Elbert Hubbard

(American writer, publisher and artist)
Title: Freedom
Author: Sanshal
Artist: Cherie_mort
Beta: EReynolds
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: J2
Warning: Dystopian AU, Slave!Jared, Master!Jensen, Nudity, Collar, Sexual training- (prostrate milking, object insertion, chastity, Punishment/spanking etc.), Brain-washing, Angst, Fluff and Angst, Kids, Divorce, Mentions of depression, Crying, Alcohol abuse. Protective Jensen. The story is not as dark as the warning make it appear, however, please do read them carefully (as there are instances of them in the fic) and if you feel that you may be triggered, please be careful.

Summary: A new law comes into play which calculates an individuals’ income and expenditure and if one fails to meet a particular ‘standard’, they are indentured till they can work off the difference by working for ‘sponsors’.

Jared fails to meet the ‘standard’.

Read story: Here
Watch the pretty art: Here

Fiction Blog!

Hey guys!!!

I've just started a blog for my stories (original fiction)- new chapters updated every week. So please check it out  :-)

I'll be gradually moving all my works to the blog, so do subscribe. :-)
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In the coils of a Snake_MasterPost

Title: In the coils of a snake

Author:  Sanshal

Artist: emmatheslayer

Genre: rps

Pairing: J2

Rating: NC-17

Warnings:  a/b/o world, gratuitous nudity and violence, d/s, captivity, forced feminization (wearing of skirts), whipping, humiliation, non-consensual branding/tattooing, mentions of rape/non-con etc.

Summary:  Jared was an undercover cop determined to cut the head off the criminal hierarchy of his city....only question was, would he successfully manage to behead the snake or would the snake swallow him first?

Link to art: Look at the pretties!

BB'19 title
Link to fic on AO3

LJ Chapters:

Part 9


A/N- Just click on 'Next entry' to head to the next chapter. Old Chapters have chapter-wise links for ease of manoeuvring!